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Monroe and DiMaggio in Tokyo, 1954

Monroe and DiMaggio in Tokyo, 1954

Personally Packed

Personally Packed - Shown upon arrival at Tokyo International Airport last night are (left to right) Frank (Lefty) O'Doul, baseball manager; newlywed film star Marilyn Monroe and her husband, former Yankee baseball great, Joe DiMaggio. The golden-haired dream girl of the American movies and her baseball idol husband are in Japan to continue their honeymoon. While here, Joe and O'Doul will assist in getting Japan's baseball season started. Some 2,500 unruly movie and baseball fans mobbed the airport for a glimpse of the famous couple. Actress Marilyn Monroe (middle) arrives at Tokyo International Airport with her husband baseball great Joe DiMaggio (right) and baseball manager Frank O'Doul (left). The freezing winds did not dissuade some 2,500 fans who braved the freezing winds to welcome Monroe and her entourage. Apart from being on his honeymoon, DiMaggio is in Japan to help - together with O'Doul' - the Japan Central League start training for the 1954 season.

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