Photo and cartoons courtesy of Daryl Talbot

Cowboy military cartoonist has had quite a ride

Daryl Talbot has been making people think, laugh and cry with his cartoon for decades. He’s a cowboy at heart who also knows a thing or two about the military.

Marine journalist Steve Stibbens, first to cover the Vietnam War for Stars and Stripes, dies at 84

The first Stars and Stripes reporter sent to cover the Vietnam War — Marine Gunnery Sgt. Steve Stibbens — died Saturday in Dallas at age 84.

Pentagon will reverse shutdown order for Stars and Stripes

The Pentagon will rescind its order for Stars and Stripes to cease publication by Sept. 30, according to an email sent to the news organization Thursday.

Ten House lawmakers urge Esper to restore funding for Stars and Stripes

A group of House lawmakers expressed “strong opposition” to a planned funding cut for the Stars and Stripes newspaper in a Wednesday letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Trump tweets he will not allow Stars and Stripes to be shut down

President Donald Trump vowed Friday not to allow the Pentagon’s planned shutdown of Stars and Stripes, as senators this week implored Defense Secretary Mark Esper to continue funding the editorially independent news organization.

Bipartisan group of senators urges Esper to keep funding Stars and Stripes

A bipartisan group of 15 senators urged Defense Secretary Mark Esper in a letter Wednesday to maintain support for Stars and Stripes, which could be forced to stop publishing by the end of the month without Defense Department funding.

Senate passes defense bill without funding for Stars and Stripes

Funding for Stars and Stripes was not included in the Senate’s version of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act passed Thursday, setting up deliberations with House members about the future of the news organization.


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