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Chiang Kai-shek, son spend day aboard carrier Enterprise

Chiang Kai-shek, son spend day aboard carrier Enterprise

File photo

File photo

ABOARD THE CARRIER ENTERPRISE — President Chiang Kai-shek spent a day at sea Monday aboard the world's largest warship, the 90,000-ton nuclear-powered carrier Enterprise.

The president was accompanied by his eldest son, Defense Minister Chiang Ching-kuo, and by 14 top-ranking officers of the armed forces of the Republic of China. His visit to the Enterprise was made at the invitation of Admiral U.S. Grant Sharp Jr., commander-in-chief, Pacific forces.

Chiang boarded a UH2-A Seasprite helicopter in Taipei for the trip to the Enterprise in waters of Taiwan. Twenty-one gun salutes were given him both on his arrival and departure from the ship.

Vice Adm. John J. Hyland, Seventh Fleet commander, Rear Adm. Thomas J. Walker, commander, Carrier Div, 3, and Capt. James H. Holloway III, Enterprise commanding officer, greeted the president.

Guests aboard included Arthur W. Hummel Jr., American charge d'affaires, and Vice Adm. William E. Gentner Jr., commander, U.S. Taiwan Defense Command.

During approximately four hours aboard, the president watched fly-bys of supersonic aircraft including RA5-C Vigilantes, F4-B Phantoms, A4-C Skyhawks and A4C (T) Skywarriors.

Before lunch he attended a briefing on the operation of the Enterprise and watched a slide presentation, with commentary by Holloway, on advantages of nuclear-powered warships.

Hyland made welcoming remarks. It was pointed out that the Enterprise, which has been operating in Vietnam waters since December, 1965, is the first nuclear-powered ship to see combat action.

Chiang looked at static displays on the hangar deck, including survival equipment and a demonstration of automatic communication equipment.

Chiang paused to shake hands with Navy Lt. Virgil Jackson of Vidalia, La., Jackson has flown 120 missions over Vietnam from the carriers Ranger and Coral Sea. This is his third tour of duty in the Far East.

Chiang also watched an aircraft launching demonstration, and napalm, 250-, 500- and 2,000-pound bomb deliveries on target by Skyhawks. The performance included strafing and rocket runs, flare dropping and guided bomb (Bullpup) delivery.