Outnumbered GIs chop up attackers

Outnumbered GIs chop up attackers

Fewer than 200 U.S. defenders, backed by massive air support, blasted apart a Red battalion as it tried to overrun their tiny patrol base near the Cambodian border, military spokesmen reported Saturday.

Charged-up Reds paying heavily

The remarkable thing about the battles of Diamond — there have been four of them — is the purity of the brand of war fought on the desolate plain that surrounds the camp.

The longest day for 2 companies ... and the last for 198 attacking North Viets

It was a long day for Companies A and D of the 2nd Bn., 27th Inf. It began at 4:30 a.m. and ended at dawn Tuesday. When it did, a lot of people were dead.

Long ride home for a wounded Vietnam fighter

The ticket for that long ride home doesn't come cheaply in the Republic of Vietnam. This man, a Vietnamese ranger, gave his right hand.

A tale of war: There are tears, dirt, blood, irony and no favorites

There's nothing very nice about any kind of war, whether it's global or just an "untidy little war" like the battle against communism here.

Dawn-to-dusk days for JFK's top advisers

America's top military leaders sloshed through muddy remote villages of the strife-torn Republic of Vietnam to learn first-hand how the war against the Viet Cong is going.

Marine journalist Steve Stibbens, first to cover the Vietnam War for Stars and Stripes, dies at 84

The first Stars and Stripes reporter sent to cover the Vietnam War — Marine Gunnery Sgt. Steve Stibbens — died Saturday in Dallas at age 84.


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