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There's 'no sweat' riding (outside) copter

WITH U.S. 24TH DIV., Korea (S&S) — Sometimes a soldier balks at flying on his back outside a helicopter, 700 feet in the air.

Rough withdrawal

Men of the Colombian Battalion - most probably 3rd Platoon, Company A of the 1st Colombian Infantry Battalion - and their South Korean Army counterparts carry one of their wounded men down Hill 400 after the conclusion of a successful raid on the hill.

On anniversary of war, N. Korea alters history

North Korea’s vision of history appears to be enhanced by two sets of glasses: rose-colored and fogged-over.

Remains of Korean War-era GI recovered

After a 30-day mission in North Korea, a recovery team brought back what’s believed to be the remains of a U.S. soldier from a hilly area where pitched battles were fought during the Korean War.

Recovery team brings back remains from North Korea

Two sets of U.S. servicemember remains were repatriated Thursday in an honor guard ceremony after a sometimes-tense joint recovery mission concluded earlier this week in North Korea.

Honor guard mascot turns out to be prodigy

Men of the Eighth Army Honor Guard woke one morning last March and found a bright-eyed Chinese lad peering down at them from an upper bunk of their billet.

An unforgettable Christmas Eve midnight Mass during the Korean War

Amid the horrors and devastation of war, a midnight Mass 65 years ago in a dilapidated church in Kyong-ju, South Korea, would prove to be a miracle of sorts for Army Pfc. Norman Deptula.

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