Eighth Army

Honor guard mascot turns out to be prodigy

Men of the Eighth Army Honor Guard woke one morning last March and found a bright-eyed Chinese lad peering down at them from an upper bunk of their billet.

An unforgettable Christmas Eve midnight Mass during the Korean War

Amid the horrors and devastation of war, a midnight Mass 65 years ago in a dilapidated church in Kyong-ju, South Korea, would prove to be a miracle of sorts for Army Pfc. Norman Deptula.

A story of soldiers helping Korean orphans

As veterans and politicians remembered the 50th anniversary of the end of fighting in the Korean War three years ago, George Drake looked on with disappointment.

SFC, wounded 9 Times, wants 3rd Korean tour

Fifteen years of Army service and a chestful of decorations, including the nation's second highest award, hasn't satisfied SFC Charles E. Ashton's appetite for a good scrap.

Dean begins hospital cure

An American hero of the Korean war, Maj. Gen. William F. Dean, today began a 13day treatment for amoebic dysentery in Tokyo Army Hospital, the effects of three years as a Communist prisoner of war.

'It seems like a dream,' happy Dean says

The Communists' prize prisoner returned to freedom yesterday in a tailor-made suit and a dream.

General Dean returns

Maj. Gen. William F. Dean came back today.


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