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'The first thing I'm going to do ...'

The last time Maj. Jay R. Jensen saw his little girl she was a moppet of 10. She has yet to turn 17, but is already married — and Jensen is a grandfather.

Rousing welcome greets 20 more returnees at Clark

Twenty American returnees from North Vietnamese captivity landed at this base Sunday night and were given a larger and more rousing welcome than another group, seven times as large, that landed six days before.

Manila rolls out red carpet for six world leaders

The city was set for an enthusiastic welcome Sunday for President Johnson and five other chiefs of state arriving for a 7-nation summit conference.

USAF 'Mounties' ready to ride

The only existing horse patrol in the United States Air Force is located here at Clark AB, and though the program has been in existence since 1958, it's not covered by any military job description or regulation.

Warship carries relief goods to Philippines from Catholic mission

Mother Teresa's Missionary Sisters of Charity have much in common with the guided-missile destroyer USS Fife and other Navy ships.

P.I. cheers Ike plea for unity

President Eisenhower praised constructive nationalism at a packed joint session of the Philippine Congress Wednesday and branded Russia and Red China as colonialists who fear nationalism.

16 Filipinos 'join' Christ on crosses

Two Filipinos allowed themselves to be nailed to crosses here Friday, joining a reported 15 other people around the country who re-enacted the crucifixion of Jesus Christ nearly 2,000 years ago.


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