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This nameplate was used in 1979
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This website was created and maintained from May 2020 to May 2021 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Stars and Stripes operations in the Pacific.
It will no longer be updated, but we encourage you to explore the site and view content we felt best illustrated Stars and Stripes' continued support of the Pacific theater since 1945.

Operation Tomodachi

Brianne Engle

From Tohoku to Tyndall, Air Force dependent faced down two historic natural disasters

Brianne Engle may be one of the few people affiliated with the U.S. military to be front and center for two historic natural disasters in two parts of the world, seven years apart.

From a phone call, interrupted, emerged two sides of Japan’s most powerful earthquake

Former Stars and Stripes journalist Grant Okubo remembers being on the phone with a colleague at Misawa Air Base when bottles started shaking in his home near Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo.

Navy spouses continue outreach project for Fukushima residents

The Fukushima disaster victims were gathered at the Kawasaki community center, eagerly awaiting a blanket or a pair of sandals, when Masako Sullivan first walked in the door.

Yokota transforms into hub of U.S. military's earthquake relief operations

Just minutes after a massive earthquake struck northern Japan on March 11, several flights bound for Narita International Airport were descending on this air base on the western edge of Tokyo.

At Sendai Airport, Biden praises recovery efforts in Japan

Five months ago, more than 1,000 people took shelter at Sendai Airport as a massive tsunami crashed against the terminal in a rush of water, mud, trees, garbage, wrecked cars and dead bodies.

Michigan vet flies to Misawa on his own to help

Matt Szymanski was sitting in his Michigan home watching in disbelief as the first images of the devastation in northern Japan were broadcast on the news.

Navy crews reach quake victims with life-sustaining humanitarian aid

Petty Officer 2nd Class James Rivers became the face of the U.S. military’s humanitarian relief efforts for hundreds of Japanese people this week.

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