Henry Rollins

Punk’d: Rocker Rollins stops by Camp Hansen

The line continued out the door at the MHG mess hall on Monday, with Marines eagerly awaiting a handshake and autograph from the man many indicated they viewed as a punk music legend.

Kadena officer is reunited with childhood Okinawan nanny

Lt. Col. Lewis Jordan was 10 months old when he last saw his Okinawan nanny, Chiyo Uechi.

Military helps families offset high cost of adoption

Jennifer Piedra was ready for another child.

Kadena family gets a sneaky scuba surprise while at Okinawa beach

Daddy is supposed to be home from Afghanistan in a few weeks. His children are enjoying the day at an Okinawa beach with their mother, Bethany Bronson, in the water close by.

Kadena kickboxer eyes possible match with world champion

His day job is processing cargo at Kadena’s 733rd Air Mobility Squadron. But in his spare time, the senior airman is a premier kickboxer who plans to tangle with the world champ.

Senior airman reigns as one of Okinawa's kickboxing champs

Over and over again, the rush of air — like the sound of a train releasing its air brakes — shot out of David Archuleta’s mouth in rapid-fire succession, as his foot and leg repeatedly smashed into his sparring partner’s protective pads.

Camp Foster fair showcases new products, services

The long-necked, colored-glass bottle looked like it contained a fancy liqueur.


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