Air Force

Faded memories: Former Air Force pilot pays tribute to his service as he turns 100 in Tokyo

It’s been decades since Dave Fisher soared through the wild blue yonder in Air Force jets, and a century since his birth on July 17, 1919.

A fleet died — so did a delusion

Fifty years ago, Japan struck the great American fleet anchorage at Pearl Harbor, blackening an azure Hawaiian sky with the blood of blasted battleships.

Marines returning in peace to hard-won Iwo

The U.S. Marines will land on Iwo Jima and secure Mt. Suribachi Friday for the second time in 15 years.

Guam jungle silently echoes long-ago guns

Editors note: Stars and Stripes has been covering the troops since World War II.

Oki doughfeet slogging on, searching for own lost PWs

There are no front lines on Okinawa, but that doesn’t mean there is any rest for the doughboy.

Precision fire answer to cave tactics - U.S. artillery goes underground

War in the Ryukus has brought on new and unorthodox tactics from an artillery viewpoint. For the first time in the history of warfare an entire field artillery of an army is living and fighting from underground positions.

Fighting men with tender hearts – GIs play nurse to Oki’s orphans

For doughboys and leathernecks, the care of children started on the first day of the invasion, and from the way it keeps on, it looks as though “the Children’s Hour on Okinawa” will outlast Lillian Hellman’s play on Broadway.


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