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This website was created and maintained from May 2020 to May 2021 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Stars and Stripes operations in the Pacific.
It will no longer be updated, but we encourage you to explore the site and view content we felt best illustrated Stars and Stripes' continued support of the Pacific theater since 1945.


These children

Wavy Gravy: Just call him the 'psychedelic relic'

He's done it again.

Frank Sinatra, 1974

Frank Sinatra performs for sailors in the hangar bay of the USS Midway at Yokosuka Naval Base.

Jack Nicholson brings 'Wolf' to Japan

Undoubtedly, Jack Nicholson has always been considered to be a unusual actor.

Kong-sized hype recalls 1940s schlock

King Kong came to the Tokyo area to prove that the age of schlock movie promotion isn't over in Japan by a long shot.

Leonard Bernstein: Electronic factories have ruined rock

"But no matter how commercial or phony or promoted or hyped pop music may be, it is still music of the people, says conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein. "It's the music of kids. The people who have not yet become cynical, who have not yet given up."

Martina Navratilova competes in Tokyo, 1989

Top-seeded Martina Navratilova reaches for the ball during her match against Lori McNeil in the finals of the Pan Pacific Open tennis tournament.

Whitey Herzog and Stan Musial, 1988

St. Louis Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog listens to a question as Hall of Famer Stan Musial signs an autograph during a goodwill tour of Japan.

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