Muhammad Ali signs autographs at Yokota.

Muhammad Ali's verses thrill throng at Yokota

Former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali told a cheering crowd at Yokota Air Base Sunday that Joe Frazier, when the two meet in a rematch, will become "the first colored satellite."

Tamer Rod Stewart defies musical fads, still packs the house

It is late as usual for Rod Stewart, a rock star notorious for never making curtain time.

It's Dundee vs. Stassi in battle of gloves

Angelo Dundee, trainer of Muhammad Ali, and Mac Foster's manager George Stassi brandished boxing gloves at each other Tuesday but exchanged only bitter words over what kind of gloves their two American boxers fighting in Tokyo should use Saturday.

`Stevie, touch me!' — A feel for people, too

"Stevie, please touch my face," the tall fashion model pleaded through the crowd noise. "You'll remember me. I was 14. It was in Portland."

Frazier chases German for boxing gold medal

Joe Frazier, a Philadelphia butcher with a meat ax in both hands, gave America its lone gold medal in the 1964 Olympic boxing finals Friday night by soundly beating timid Hans Huber of Germany to easily win the heavyweight crown.

A psychiatrist? Not for the champ — 'and there's no way I can lose'

World heavyweight champion Mike Tyson denied Thursday that he needed a psychiatrist to psych him up for Sunday's title defense against James "Buster" Douglas and declared: "If you can't fight, you're (unprintable)."

Tyson sluggish, sullen in Tokyo gym workout

Talking the talk, world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson did not walk the walk Saturday in sluggish sparring sessions with two opponents who outsped Tyson in drills for his Feb. 11 title bout with James "Buster" Douglas at the Tokyo Dome.


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