Jerry Garcia plays during the Grateful Dead's European tour stop at the Walter Koebel Halle, in Ruesselsheim, Germany, Oct. 1981

'Irresponsible, immature … completely lacking in soldierly qualities': Why the Army booted Jerry Garcia 60 years ago

Recruit Jerome J. Garcia’s staunch resistance to the strictures of military life six decades ago got him discharged just months into his enlistment.

Stallone abandoning Rocky role, rocky life for more fulfilling future

Sylvester Stallone says that Rocky, the ham-and-beans slugger who took himself and his actor-creator from the pavement to the pinnacle, is hanging up his gloves to retire gracefully to the gallery of the greats.

Hope praises warmth of U.S. troops

Comedian Bob Hope paid high tribute to troops fighting in Vietnam and gave forth with some lightning flashes of wit during a press conference at Tan Son Nhut AB on the outskirts of Saigon Saturday.

Tokyo Lensmen mob Chaplin

Silent-era film comedian Charlie Chaplin, 72, flew into Tokyo International Airport Tuesday and immediately encountered one of the most formidable adversaries facing visiting celebrities: the Japanese photo corps.

Famed '39-year-old' Jack Benny in Tokyo on a whim

Jack Benny, perennial 39-year-old comedian who will celebrate his 49th year in show business in a few months, was lounging in a dressing gown at his Imperial Hotel suite Tuesday morning after a spur-of-the-moment decision brought him vacationing to Tokyo.

A golf perfectionist's aim: Improvement

So you win nearly $300,000, capture six major tourney championships, score a near miss in capturing pro golf's "Grand Slam" and are named the Professional Golf Association Player of the Year — all in 12 short months.

Stan 'The Man' Musial — A class guy

Stan "The Man" Musial's baseball fame knows no boundaries.

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