U.S. Marines Jack Bejo, Harold Loving and Greg Devolpe, left to right, enjoy the 1989 Japan Bowl.

Japan Bowl scores big with crowd

The Marines had landed, along with more than 29,000 screaming, yellow-and-white streamer-waving Japanese and American fans, on Monday to take in the annual East vs. West college All-Star football matchup in the 1989 Ricoh-Japan Bowl.

RFK begins Tokyo talks on Malaysia

Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy Friday was to confront Indonesian President Sukarno here and "express concern" over Sukarno's relations with the newly-formed Malaysian Federation.

Peace comes first, RFK and Sukarno agree

Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy Saturday resumed talks with Indonesian President Sukarno over the Malaysia crisis after a 90-minute meeting Friday gained somewhat of a cease-fire agreement from the Indonesian president.

From Tokyo cabbies to U.S. generals, profound shock and disbelief

The Japanese taxi driver wiped a few tears from his swollen eyes and said: "Kennedy-san, the number one democratic man ... I'm sorry ...''

Did Jesus Walk in Japan?

I found Jesus. In Japan, of all places.

Hiroshima mayor urges action on nuclear disarmament as city marks atomic bombing’s 75th anniversary

The mayor of the first city to be devastated by an atomic bomb urged the world’s nations, including Japan, to take nuclear disarmament more seriously as Hiroshima marked the attack’s 75th anniversary Thursday.

Year in review: A look back at the top Pacific stories from 2002

1. Turmoil in South Korea


How Many Candies in the Jar Contest

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