George Wallace

Wallace: Pressure North Vietnamese

George C. Wallace, the third party candidate in the 1968 presidential election, said here that President Nixon's address to the nation "left the door open for the application of more military pressure if the enemy escalates the war."

Chiang Kai-shek, son spend day aboard carrier Enterprise

President Chiang Kai-shek spent a day at sea Monday aboard the world's largest warship, the 90,000-ton nuclear-powered carrier Enterprise.

Ingrid Bergman visits home of real heroine

Actress Ingrid Bergman paid a nostalgic visit to the Gladys Aylward Children's Home in Tien Mou Monday during a stopover in Taipei en route to Bangkok.

Gypsy a balm for patients at U.S. Naval Hospital on Taiwan

A certain healing process is going on among convalescents at the U. S. Naval Hospital in Taipei which is largely due to a salutary visit made by Gypsy Rose Lee.

U.S. community in Taipei prays

Special prayers for the family of the late President Kennedy and for President Lyndon B. Johnson were said by tearful congregations Sunday in Catholic and Protestant churches in Taipei.

Canadian pedals his way to victory over polio

Conrad Dube, 39-year-old French-Canadian who was crippled by polio at the age of two, has worn out 12 bicycles, 37 sets of tires and pedaled 192,000 miles around the world in 17 years to prove his will is stronger than his physical handicap.


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