Korea has left its mark on U.S. servicemembers, past and present

Korea has left its mark on U.S. servicemembers, past and present

The graying U.S. veterans and young uniformed U.S. soldiers who gathered here Sunday didn’t know each other, but they met having shared at least one experience: All have given part of their lives for Korea.

Kennedy vitality, charm glows along the truce line

His hair is greying slightly on the sides and his eyes seem weary — but that familiar Kennedy charm is still here.

Honor guard mascot turns out to be prodigy

Men of the Eighth Army Honor Guard woke one morning last March and found a bright-eyed Chinese lad peering down at them from an upper bunk of their billet.

Year in review: A look back at the top Pacific stories from 2002

1. Turmoil in South Korea

Gallup poll: South Koreans confident about US support, Japan uncertain

South Koreans are confident the American military would aid them in a conflict while the Japanese are far less certain, according to a Gallup poll released this week measuring confidence in U.S. intervention among Asian nations.

Japan considers missiles to deter N. Korea, strengthen US alliance

Japan’s ruling party is considering for the first time a missile counterstrike capability that could complement U.S. efforts to deter North Korea, despite opposition concerns over the proposal’s legality under Japan’s pacifist constitution.

Mattis’ message to Japan, South Korea: We still have your back

If the Pentagon named bilateral talks the way it did military operations, Jim Mattis’ first trip abroad as defense secretary might have been deemed Operation Allied Reassurance.


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