MacArthur relieved of command 1951
This nameplate was used in 1951
It's Over 1975
This nameplate was used in 1975

This website was created and maintained from May 2020 to May 2021 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Stars and Stripes operations in the Pacific.
It will no longer be updated, but we encourage you to explore the site and view content we felt best illustrated Stars and Stripes' continued support of the Pacific theater since 1945.


With a major Army inspection looming

Sweat gives tanks chance for winning shot

Being a tank crew member with the 1st Bn., 72nd Armor, 2nd Inf. Div., isn't all bright lights and fame. It's grease on the face, fatigues soaked with engine oil, and some back-breaking work.

DMZ ambush survivors seen lucky to be alive

Observers at the scene of Sunday night's bold ambush by Communist North Koreans who machine-gunned and killed four United Nations Command soldiers reached one conclusion: "I don't see how anybody survived this."

The ‘Forgotten War’ finally gets a soundtrack: ‘Battleground Korea’

Overshadowed by World War II and Vietnam, the 1950-53 Korean War is often called the “Forgotten War.” The same could be said for much of the music it inspired.

DMZ school graduation a big affair

For Koreans, leaving grammar school marks the beginning of adulthood and comes close to the fanfare Americans exhibit at high-school graduations, with presents, speeches and sad farewells to teachers and friends.

Pueblo crew of 82 freed by N. Korea

The 82 crewmen of the USS Pueblo began their trek to freedom Monday at 11:30 a.m. Korean standard time across a small footbridge nicknamed "the bridge of no return" leading from North Korea to the truce site at Panmunjom.

We never intruded, Bucher insists

Cmdr. Lloyd M. Bucher, skipper of the Pueblo, said Monday the U.S. Navy intelligence ship was attacked and captured on the high seas and "never did that ship once intrude into the territorial waters of North Korea "

Government indifference, separation hurt families

The wives of the men of the Pueblo endured their own form of torture.

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