Mail is unloaded from the 41st's truck, known as the "Dear John Express."

Bungalows sprout in the boondocks

Two days' comfort in a bungalow motel with swimming pool and patio must seem as far away as a weekend in Miami to the field soldiers who daily live in mud and sweat along the edge of War Zone C.

41st PO — Down among sheltering palms

The flat plain of Tay Ninh Base Camp, eight miles from the Cambodian border, might seem a strange place for a "Stateside" post office, but there one sits.

U.S. troops find Viet Cong R&R center

U.S. troops met only light resistance Friday as a 23,000-man American force swept north of Tay Ninh in search of the communist supreme command.

World War II hero returns to another battlefield

"It's just like coming home," said World War II Medal of Honor winner Paul B. Huff as he was greeted by officers and men of the 101st Airborne Div. on his recent arrival in. Vietnam.

Bird Dog sniffs out VC, F100s clobber him

The pilot banked his light plane sharply, barely missing the jagged treetops.

Part of VC's headquarters uncovered in jungle

American infantrymen found part of the Viet Cong's supreme headquarters in a hidden jungle enclave north of Tay Ninh, a U.S. general said Sunday.

Tough springboard to valor

The South Vietnamese soldier is tough — he has to be, he's up against a tough opponent.

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