Celebrating 75 years in the Pacific

On May 14, 1945, Stars and Stripes published its first newspaper in the Pacific. To commemorate 75 years serving the military community in the theater, we're taking a look back at Stripes history through the writing and photography of a dedicated staff spanning generations. Stars and Stripes has proudly supported the Pacific military community since the beginning and will continue to serve the troops and families at the heart of our work.

Photo of the day

South Vietnam

Observation post in South Vietnam, 1966

Photo by Ray Mahon

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Photo and cartoons courtesy of Daryl Talbot

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Cowboy military cartoonist has had quite a ride

Daryl Talbot has been making people think, laugh and cry with his cartoon for decades. He’s a cowboy at heart who also knows a thing or two about…Read More


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Pacific Wide

This week in Pacific history

USS Princeton burning during battle
U.S. Navy

October 25th - October 31st

October 25th, 1945 – The Republic of China takes control of Taiwan following fifty years of Japanese occupation.
October 26th, 1944World War II: The Battle of Leyte Gulf concludes with an American victory.
October 26th, 1979 – Korean CIA head Kim Jae-gyu assassinates the President of south Korea, Park Chung-hee.
October 31st, 1968Vietnam War: Citing progress with the Paris peace talks, US President Johnson orders a complete cessation of "all air, naval, and artillery bombardment of North Vietnam" effective November 1.

Memories with stars and stripes

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