Notre Dame coach Dan Devine talks with East quarterback Mark Herrmann of Purdue during the Japan Bowl.

What better place to say sayonara?

"I always thought of myself as an educator," Notre Dame's Dan Devine reminisced far from home Sunday in the final hours of his illustrious football coaching career.

Pilot gives Hope tough act to follow

Bob Hope and his troupe were greeted aboard this carrier by nearly 3,000 cheering sailors and some unscheduled excitement.

At $580, Sinatra isn't singing for my supper

Ol' Blue Eyes is back — and My Way is having things his way.

Hank Aaron swings away again in Japan

It's been a year of re-enactment of sorts for major league baseball's all-time home run king, Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, from the year 1974 that brought with it rich memories for the millions of fans in the U.S. and Japan who watched "Hammerin' Hank" chase destiny.

Aaron outslugs Oh in homer contest 10-9

Aaron outslugs Oh in homer contest 10-9Hank Aaron, the Atlanta Braves' top slugger and the No. 1 home run hitter in all of American baseball history, added one more notch to his bat Saturday at Korakuen Stadium here as he shaded Yomiuri Giants' top stickman Sadaharu Oh 10-9 in home runs in a much publicized battle that Aaron later said "hadn't really proved anything."

'Irresponsible, immature … completely lacking in soldierly qualities': Why the Army booted Jerry Garcia 60 years ago

Recruit Jerome J. Garcia’s staunch resistance to the strictures of military life six decades ago got him discharged just months into his enlistment.

Stallone abandoning Rocky role, rocky life for more fulfilling future

Sylvester Stallone says that Rocky, the ham-and-beans slugger who took himself and his actor-creator from the pavement to the pinnacle, is hanging up his gloves to retire gracefully to the gallery of the greats.

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