Lance Cpl. Bear

Marines at Okinawa’s Jungle Warfare Training Center say goodbye to dog who was ‘one of the guys’

He was lazy and overweight. He smelled terrible. He ate colorful, neurotoxic newts and survived repeated bites by poisonous snakes. But at the end of the day, he was every Marine’s best friend.

Cookie time again: Girl Scouts prepare for kickoff of annual campaign

U.S. Forces Korea commander Gen. Leon J. LaPorte got to buy the first boxes of Girl Scout cookies in South Korea this year.

Military radio had its beginnings in the days of the doughboys

Although American Forces Network Radio has officially been on the air for 60 years, listeners began tuning in at the end of World War I.

University of Maryland extends its military ties

Not many colleges have a campus near the Demilitarized Zone.

Scouts shine as they clean shrine

Tucked away in a thicket of jungle, here, a historic shrine lay virtually inaccessible.

Rip-current rescue: Okinawa-based Marine’s quick actions save a Japanese woman’s life

Most swimmers and divers avoid rip currents as inherently dangerous, but Marine Staff Sgt. Billy Dixson likes to pole-spear octopus there.

Punk’d: Rocker Rollins stops by Camp Hansen

The line continued out the door at the MHG mess hall on Monday, with Marines eagerly awaiting a handshake and autograph from the man many indicated they viewed as a punk music legend.

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