Celebrating 75 years in the Pacific

On May 14, 1945, Stars and Stripes published its first newspaper in the Pacific. To commemorate 75 years serving the military community in the theater, we're taking a look back at Stripes history through the writing and photography of a dedicated staff spanning generations. Stars and Stripes has proudly supported the Pacific military community since the beginning and will continue to serve the troops and families at the heart of our work.

Photo of the day

Swift boat stops sampan on way to market. Yellow-robed Buddhist monk sits in bow.

Gulf of Thailand, 1966

Swift boat stops sampan on way to market. Yellow-robed Buddhist monk sits in bow.

Tom Quinn, © 1966, 2016 Stars and Stripes, All Rights Reserved | BUY THIS PHOTO


Japanese representatives arrive aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay to participate in formal surrender ceremonies on Sept. 2, 1945.

From the Archives

Would Japan have surrendered without the atomic bombings?

In the summer of 1945, Japan’s war leaders knew they were not going to win World War II.

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This week in Pacific history

Marine Stretcher Bearers carry a wounded Marine
Official U.S. Marine Corps Photograph, from the All Hands collection at the Naval History and Heritage Command.

August 9th - August 15th

August 9th, 1945World War II: The United States drops an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.
August 9th, 1945World War II: The U.S.S.R. invades Japanese-occupied Manchuria.
August 10th, 1944World War II: The Battle of Guam effectively ends.
August 11th, 1972Vietnam War: The last U.S. ground combat unit, the Third Battalion, Twenty-First Infantry, departs South Vietnam.
August 12th, 1950Korean War: 75 American POWs are murdered in the Bloody Gulch massacre by the North Korean Army.
August 15th, 1945World War II: Emperor Hirohito gives the Jewel Voice Broadcast (玉音放送, Gyokuon-hōsō), announcing the surrender of Japan to the Allies.
August 15th, 1948 – The Republic of Korea is established south of the 38th parallel.

Memories with stars and stripes

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