Celebrating 75 years in the Pacific

On May 14, 1945, Stars and Stripes published its first newspaper in the Pacific. To commemorate 75 years serving the military community in the theater, we're taking a look back at Stripes history through the writing and photography of a dedicated staff spanning generations. Stars and Stripes has proudly supported the Pacific military community since the beginning and will continue to serve the troops and families at the heart of our work.

Photo of the day

Shel Silverstain when he was a Pacific Stars and Stripes carttonist in 1955.

Cartoonist Shel Silverstain, 1955

Shel Silverstain when he was a Pacific Stars and Stripes cartoonist in 1955. He is now a Playboy cartoonist. Stars and Stripes cartoonist Shel Silverstein points his pencil towards a small unidentified man standing in his palm in this composite photograph. Silverstai worked for Stripes as a cartoonist from 1954 - 1956 and drew the cartoon "Take Ten". He would go on to become a successful artist, poet and songwriter. Silverstein is the author of various successful childrens books including the widely popular "The Giving Tree," and composer of a number songs, including "A Boy Named Sue," which became one of Johnny Cash biggest hits. Silverstein died in 1999.

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Former Stars and Stripes combat correspondent Steve Stibbens at work during an ambush in Vietnam in 1963.

Stripes Today

Marine journalist Steve Stibbens, first to cover the Vietnam War for Stars and Stripes, dies at 84

The first Stars and Stripes reporter sent to cover the Vietnam War — Marine Gunnery Sgt. Steve Stibbens — died Saturday in Dallas at age 84.

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This week in Pacific history

U.S. Troops in the streets of Seoul, Korea.
Lt. Strickland/Cpl. Romanowski

September 20th - September 26th

September 20th, 1977 – Vietnam becomes a member of the United Nations.
September 21st, 1949 – Mao Zedong proclaims the establishment of the People's Republic of China
September 23rd, 1942World War II: U.S. Marines attack Japanese units along the Matanikau River on Guadalcanal.
September 25th, 2003 – The Hokkaidō earthquake occurs in Japan and is measured at 8.3 on the moment magnitude scale.
September 26th, 1950Korean War: United Nations troops recapture Seoul from North Korea.

Memories with stars and stripes

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