Celebrating 75 years in the Pacific

On May 14, 1945, Stars and Stripes published its first newspaper in the Pacific. To commemorate 75 years serving the military community in the theater, we're taking a look back at Stripes history through the writing and photography of a dedicated staff spanning generations. Stars and Stripes has proudly supported the Pacific military community since the beginning and will continue to serve the troops and families at the heart of our work.

Photo of the day

ROWING MACHINE is used by SP4 Robert Wilson, Eighth Army Comm. Center, in the physical therapy section of the hospital.

Physical therapy section at surgical hospital in Korea, 1958

ROWING MACHINE is used by SP4 Robert Wilson, Eighth Army Comm. Center, in the physical therapy section of the hospital. The U.S.48th Surgical Hospital in Korea is an unusual organization. It provides care for convalescent patients only. The hospital, under the command of Maj. James Shafer, is equipped with modern facilities for rehabilitating patients. Therapy and physical exercises are emphasized in the treatment of men.

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Photo and cartoons courtesy of Daryl Talbot

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This week in Pacific history

Satellite photo of Typhoon Nina

November 22nd - November 28th

November 23rd, 1971 – For the first time, representatives of the People's Republic of China attend the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council.
November 24th, 1944World War II: The 73rd Bombardment Wing launch the first attacks on Tokyo of the war.
November 25th, 1952Korean War: The Battle of Triangle Hill ends with Chinese victory.
November 25th, 1987 – Super Typhoon Nina strikes the Philippines with category 5 winds and a large storm surge resulting in tremendous damagae and at least 1,036 deaths.
November 26th, 1950Korean War: In North Korea, a large counterattack is launched by troops from the People's Republic of China against South Korean and United Nations forces (Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River and Battle of Chosin Reservoir).

Memories with stars and stripes

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