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There's 'no sweat' riding (outside) copter

WITH U.S. 24TH DIV., Korea (S&S) — Sometimes a soldier balks at flying on his back outside a helicopter, 700 feet in the air.

1966: Troops and protests increase along with strategy concerns against a determined enemy

It was the year of the reality check, when Americans and their own government began to realize just what they faced in Vietnam — a resourceful and tenacious enemy, quarrelsome allies and an Asian society whose complexity they could barely understand.

Civilian part of ship's tech team

George Webb has, as they say in the Navy, more time in the bathroom aboard ship than many of the sailors on the USS Kitty Hawk.

Petty officer in running for top honor in Pacific

If you ask Todd Wende who helped him become sailor of the year, he’ll credit everyone except for himself.

Programs help servicemembers become officers

Airman Kerri Ackman cleans up after junior officers in staterooms aboard the USS Blue Ridge now, but if she has things her way, she’ll soon have a stateroom of her own.

The pin says it all

The pin says it all. You can roam around the bridge with ease. Know how the engine room works. Understand what it takes to get a ship or aircraft underway. How a ship’s weapons systems work.

Active duty offers variety of ways to pursue education

Whether a servicemember plans to get a degree on active duty or would rather hit the books full time on the outside, each branch of the military can bridge the gap to higher education.

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